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Some call me bitter.
I guess that's true.

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"Drown the world, shake the earth. I would do anything to
 rid your heart of bitterness. How can you smile with the 
 kind of beauty Aphrodite envies and still be unhappy? I
 can see the ice underneath, sister, and I would kill a thousand
 men if it meant it’d melt.”

"And what would be left of me, my love? I am known
 for my bitterness and jealousy. Men have written me
 a history of violence and spiteful, petty crimes. The
 whole world thinks I am nothing more than my dear
 husband’s possessive wife. If you take that away I
 will fade from people’s memory. 

 I do not need you to help me, my sweet brother. If
 I wanted a man to melt my ice or kill in my name I
 wouldn’t look to you.”

polyxenos said:
"Kings are of short supply"


"Indeed. Luckily for us their Queens are made of 
 sterner stuff, and more persistent.”

"Whomever gets in the way of your happiness will meet my wrath."


"My dear, I haven’t been happy since I was a child.
 Are you going to drown the world now, Poseidon?”

“If I married a thousand times it would always be the wrong choice.”


"Don’t be over-dramatic, dear. I would give up hope
 after the first hundred. There is a girl - or boy, if you
 one day decide you want to broaden your horizon -
 out there for you. If you only cared to look away from
 Aphrodite you might see her.”

"I have many great feelings towards you, hate is not one of them."


"You would be a fool to hate me, dearie.
 I have never laid a hand on your mother
 or you. I have never denied you anything.
 Of all my step-children I have treated you
 the best and if you did not appreciate that
 you would be a fool.

 But do tell, what are these great feelings
 you have towards me?”

Starter Memes; The Borgias


The Borgia inspired starter memes taken from all 3 seasons. 
Things in brackets or " --- " generally indicate a person's name is to be placed there.

"I’ve been in pain, [character’s name], all these years…"
"We are family!"
"We are [family name], we never forgive!"
"You would have to have my forgiveness first…for being yourself."
"There is no Hell. No Heaven either. This world is what we make of it."
"I punish this world, for not being as I want."
"Kings are of short supply."
"Where all roads lead…Rome."
"If you hate beauty, dear —-, then you must hate yourself."
"Whomever gets in the way of your happiness will meet my wrath."
"And wake him? That would be cruelty indeed."
"My soul dies when I imagine never seeing you again."
"Why deny ourselves the pleasure of which we’re already accused.”
"Can you tell me why we’re cursed with this feeling that feels so natural, and good?"
“If I married a thousand times it would always be the wrong choice.”
"Impossible loves. I am very much afraid they can become an addiction.”
“Sometimes goodness needs the help of a little badness.”
"They say drowning is like dreaming."
"Hearts may yet be broken, but not yours."
"Your word is never final, —-. You are not God!"
 ”I shall never love a husband/wife as I love you, —- “
"Black for the cleric, but for the soldier, a prancing bull in yellow. Or red, perhaps?" 
"And you stood by for the honor of the family!?"
"Refinement is good. Vulgarity is better."
 “Where warfare is concerned, Your Eminence, our good Lord will take a holiday.”
"Can love be cured?"
"No, it can be endured, embraced and suffered."
“The strength of a faith misguided is still a strength”
"I have many great feelings towards you, hate is not one of them."


HERA I DID DIE TRYING. AT THE HANDS AND BLADE OF YOUR FATHER!" Rhea snapped, allowing the truth to come forth from her lips along with true feelings of the fast. She would not allow her daughter to speak that way to her any longer and was making it obvious as she trudged up to Hera with a rather unkind stare in her eyes. 

I died for my children and Gaia allowed me to come back. So do NOT call me a bad mother for giving up my life. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME CHILD?" The titaness yelled, power surging with in her as eyes pricked at the corner of her eyes. She was furious despite how the past could have misinterpreted her leaving. Her anger could be felt in the air around them, making it thick and heavy. It could have been cut with a knife if one had one on hand. 

You insolent child! Goddess of  birth so you should understand the one who brought you into this cruel world!" Rhea felt the need to slap the other but held her self together for that time. She would not break in worry that if she did she could very much hurt her daughter. And to do that would be against everything she knew. Especially as the mother to those whom her husband had thoroughly abused and tried to destroy. That damned  man Cronus, killing her and forcing the view Hera had upon her and the other children. If she could have killed Cronus first she probably would have. 


”That’s interesting because you look very much alive to me.” A look of haughty boredom slid into place; mastered over years of looking down upon her kin, establishing her facade of indifference. Underneath it all fury threatened to burn her alive but Hera would be damned before she gave Rhea the power to upset her.

”Oh, I am not calling you a bad mother-” she laughed lightly, as if Rhea had just said something amusing and charming ”- I am not calling you a mother at all. In fact, that’s the only thing I would never call you. A mother is there for her children. I would know. I’ve taken care of mine since the day they were born.”

The more Rhea yelled the calmer Hera seemed to become. Her poisonous voice clashed with the sweet smile she now wore; her words cut through the kind look on her face. It was the kind of attitude any girl who’d ever gone to high school recognized. The false friendliness, the hypocrisy. Girls were masters at stabbing each other in the back with a knife, with pretending to be friends while cutting each other down. Hera was no different. She felt Rhea’s anger, felt her despair, and all she wanted to do was find that one tiny detail which would send the titaness over the edge.

”Insolent? You are the one who turns up uninvited and starts screaming at the hostess, dearie.”

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"And you do not care very much if other men have suffered, because you want only what you want. You will kill dogs, and hound old women in the forest, and betray any soul if it means having what you desire, and that makes you wicked, and that makes you a sinner, and that makes you mine.”

A nobody?

"Oh don’t pretend to be offended. You would never
 have married her unless it’d been expected of you.
 She is a nobody, dear. Weak and dull. You could’ve
 done so much better and we both know it.”

Anonymous said:
thoughts on your brother's wives?

"One is a child and the other is a nobody.
 Why would I waste my time thinking about
 them? My brothers settled for less than they
 deserve. That was their decision and I have
 nothing more to add.”