You can be the king
but watch the Queen conquer

Hera, wife of Zeus and the Goddess of women and marriage Some call me bitter.
I guess that's true.

1 girls are worth boys

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facts, because i’m fucking interesting

name: Sophia
favorite saved url: n/a

the next movie you’re planning to watch: The Grand Budapest Hotel
the last movie you watched: Associés contre le crime
the book you’re currently reading: La Vie mode d’emploi
favorite male fictional character: Don Vito, Norman Bates, Tony Montana, Oskar Schindler.
favorite female fictional character: Lady Macbeth, Medea, the White Witch, Marquise de Merteuil, Poison ivy, Dolores Umbridge.
the number of songs on your iPod: 330
that one song that’s been stuck in your head all week: I see fire, Ed Sheeran
the fictional character you identify with most: n/a

favorite word: Jolie (pretty)


movie where the deep and soulful white boy protagonist finally finds true love with his manic pixie dream girl to a kinks soundtrack but actually she’s a violent sociopath who seduces deep and soulful white boys with her diverse, trendy interests and keeps them all in a basement for bloodsport, forcing these spaghetti-armed “creative professionals”in thick-rimmed glasses to fight each other to the death for her amusement while she listens to ke$ha and eats taco bell

Roses are red, violets are blue, I want to smash, patriarchy with you
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     ”There will come a day when someone more powerful than you finally gets fed up with that attitude, Hera. And when that day happens I shall stand on the sideline smiling. I might’ve sympathized with you had it been four thousand years ago but this time? You deserve everything you have coming.”


     ”I pay attention, just not to you. Your light’s faded, dear sister. You are growing old.”

”—— well.” 

     ”You know, Poseidon, I can’t for the life of me understand what I might’ve done to make you hate me so. Have I ever turned my back on you, hmm? Refused my assistance when you and I stood side by side in the Trojan war? Sent you away when you’ve come to my temple, seeking my advice?

     ”Tell me, brother, what is it I deserve? To be put in my place? Men like you are common, Poseidon. You think kindness entitles you to something beyond friendship. That an offer of support should be rewarded with love and adoration. It’s ridiculous. The sight of what you’ve allowed yourself to become is sickening. I used to find your persistence appealing but now I see what it really is. Pathetic.”

     ”Do you think telling me I look old will have any affect whatsoever? Do you think I would ever sink so low as to define myself and my worth by a man’s opinion of beauty? Simply because you define yourself by the amount of women you’re able to bed or rape it doesn’t mean the rest of us depend on other people for validation.”

     ”I think my light’s doing just fine, brother.”



     ”Don’t you ever get sick of toying with me, love? You only call for me when you wish to distract me from something, or complain about your husband and the patriarchy. Why would I pay attention to such nonsense?”

     ”I will once you stop sounding like a sullen boy every time I do. What kind of woman would resist turning kings into children when it’s so incredibly easy?”

     ”I don’t complain about Zeus, my dear. I would never dream of wasting my time mentioning him unless someone else’s brought the man up first. You don’t seem to pay attention to anything.”


when girls think they are better than other girls because they are tomboys who engage in stereotypically “male” activities it makes me want to actually gouge my own eyes out because they are pretty much reinforcing the patriarchal idea that men are better than women without even realizing it and that is just incredibly sad

     ”Don’t you ever get sick of stiring up trouble, brother? Leave those poor children alone and come pay attention to me instead.”

Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever been a stripper?
In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever been to a strip club.

Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever done porn?
In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever watched porn.

You’re the reason we exist.
You’re the demand to our supply.
If you disdain sex workers, don’t you dare consume our labor.

As they say in the industry, “People jack off with the left hand and point with the right.”


MYTHOLOGY MEME(2/3) Locations

In Greek Mythology, The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera's orchard in the west, where either a single tree or a grove of immortality-giving golden apples grew. The apples were planted from the fruited branches that Gaia gave to Hera as a wedding gift when Hera accepted Zeus. The Hesperides were given the task of tending to the grove, but occasionally plucked from it themselves. Not trusting them, Hera also placed in the garden a never-sleeping, hundred-headeddragon named Ladon as an additional safeguard.