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     ”Regrets grow tiresome, Hades. Don’t look at me like that, it won’t change anything.”

Hera washed the last blood from her delicate hands, scrubbing fingernails clean and letting all evidence of her breakdown dilute in the water. Carefully she started putting rings of gold and emerald back on her now clean digits. And just like that her tense shoulders relaxed and color returned to her cheeks. 

It was true that her jealous outbursts had increased the last month or two. Hera had never been good at sharing and watching Zeus, Poseidon - and yes, sometimes even her most awkward brother Hades - spend time with people outside their family made her scared and upset. Ergo the lifeless body in the middle of her temple. 

It was one of Poseidon’s girls. One he, if Hera knew him right, didn’t even know the name of. But he’d spent enough time with her to make the young princess snap and now Hera needed to cover it all up. Wash away the evidence, make sure no one knew she actually cared. And who better to ask for help than the God of the dead? 


     ”Just—- I don’t know, ask Thanatos to get the body and make sure her soul is placed somewhere in the Underworld where Poseidon can’t find her.”

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     ”I repeat: I have a headache, and I do not wish to be disturbed at this time!”

She didn’t have a headache. Athena wasn’t figuratively trying to break through her cranium, to shatter her frontal or parential bone. No, the Queen was lying to be left alone. Again. For centuries migraine had been the matriarch’s go-to excuse when she didn’t want to see her family, when Olympus was too bright and the air too warm. When her cool temple was the only place calm and quiet.

The light patter of feet outside the temple doors thus disturbed her immensely, and Hera’s face darkened with a frown. But just for a moment or two. Once pale green eyes had risen to look out over the marble hall and found a stranger - not one of her obnoxious adoptive children - the Queen’s expression changed into one of curiosity.

      “—- what a curious little thing you are. Come here.”

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Can you believe that? They didn’t even know how much medication to use to keep him in a goddamn coma.

Arms folded, chin held high. Red lips set in a firm line. It was obvious Hera
was everything but pleased with the doctors and nurses at Mary Washington
hospital. Then again, what had she expected when she’d entrusted her fool
of a husband with this most important detail of their scheme? He had never
been good at bribing people. Never been good at anything, really.

     ”Oh, it’s their fault now, is it? If you had just killed him like I’d asked you to we wouldn’t be in this situation. But no—- ‘let’s let father live, it’ll be poetic!’ Really, Zeus. Look what you’ve done. If he remembers what we did we will be ruined.”


                          a list of starters born out of the very quoatable show, Rectify
                              (fair warning, there’s a total of 114 quotes under the cut.)

                     send in “Ɽ” and I’ll generate a random starter
                               for either my muse or yours to say

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"I am surprised you know what it is called. When was the last time
 you left Olympus, my dear? Half a century ago?”

"I can’t remember. When was the last time you decided to spend
 more than a week on Olympus?”



"It’s the thought that counts, Hera. You should be
 grateful people still make sacrifices in your honor.
 When was the last time anyone bothered to give
 thanks to Athena or Triton? Dionysus and Hermes
 are the only gods who matter in this day and age.”

"Dionysus and Hermes are the only gods who are loud enough
 to be seen and heard in this day and age. They are not the only
 gods who matter. I am far more important than both of them, my
 son overshadow all his siblings. Demeter’s influence is growing.
 Why are you being so bitter, dear brother? Is it because no one
 seems to care about you anymore?”



"Give it to someone in need of a new phone.
 Ergo, moi.”

     ”What happened to the last phone I gave you?”



"There’s no pleasing you, is there? Look at that poor girl.
 She spent her last money on that phone, hoping to get in
 touch with a goddess she isn’t even sure exist. And what
 do you do? Criticize it. I bet she even got her own number
 on speed-dial. You should call her. That’s what you should
 do with that phone.”

"She did not spend her last money on the phone, Hermes.
 When will you stop trying to stir up trouble? That girl is no
 more deserving of my time and energy than the women
 who pray to me every night. I will help them in the order I
 please, in the order they came to me and based on who
 needs me the most. You will not become a priority simply
 because you sacrifice a piece of plastic and metal.”

"These sacrifices are starting to get ridiculous.
 What am I supposed to do with an iphone?”

luxgaia said:
“I think he’s dying!”


     ”That is the point, yes. Now please, leave him alone.